The Importance of Being Intersectional (by Lule K.)


Although it is not always a pleasant conversation to have, there is a significant difference between being a feminist of color and being a white feminist. Unfortunately, today’s feminism movement is at a risk of coming to a complete halt until there is an understanding that feminists do not only include cisgendered, able bodied, middle-class, white women. This is where intersectional feminism comes into play. Intersectionality is an extremely important aspect of feminism, as it allows one to acknowledge a variety of oppressive incidences, even though the injustices may not directly affect you. There is no “one-size -fits-all” type of feminism. Culture, race, gender, class, and ability must all be brought into question when discussing feminism. The topic of intersectionality has been one thrown around for decades. Recently, however, it has made its way into mainstream media. Even so, many are still confused as to what it exactly means.


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