A Transfer of Power (by Angel T.)

A Culture of Us

(Photo: Via Udemy.com)

It is a scary thing to consider the possibility that entertainment has overrun our lives and that the value or quality of one’s life is potentially measured by how many tools of entertainment they possess or the number of likes they get. Yet, this possibility is one that may quickly be turning into a certainty. In the face of this phenomenon, the question of whether entertainment has the capacity to ‘ruin’ society is often asked. My answer to this is that entertainment in itself does not equate to extreme harm; however, our view of entertainment and how much precedence we give it in our lives somewhat determines the extent to which our society can be ruined.

I recently came across a magazine with the headline: “534 Instagram Looks—You and Your Feed Never Looked So Good”. Normally, I wouldn’t really care or give this a second thought, but something that Neil Postman talks…

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