Conquering Misconceptions: A Commentary (by Angel T.)

A Culture of Us

(Photo: Via The Meta Picture)

I remember when my second grade teacher announced that we would be participating in a pen-pal program. The first letters from our pen-pals in the U.S arrived and I held my breath as I opened myletter. Her name was Kendall and she was nine, two years older than me at the time. I remember taking in all the details: she loved fishing with her dad, had two siblings, and wanted to be a model when she grew up. Approaching the end of her letter, I recall wrinkling my nose in confusion as I read her last few sentences: “What’s Africa like? Do you live in a big hut or a small one? Do you ride elephants or lions to school? Do any giraffes walk by your village?” At the time, I didn’t understand why she asked these questions. I have never lived in a…

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