A Gaming Gamble (Angel T.)

A Culture of Us

(Photo: via Stocksy.com)

Just two weeks ago, one of my brother’s friends was completely cut off from his favorite video game, Roblox. The reason?

“I was going through *Tyler’s tablet, when I noticed that he had over 200 followers and friends. I was a bit stunned—he doesn’t even know 200 people,” says Tyler’s mother. “There was also an ongoing conversation feed on the side of the page and what was being said shocked me. The language used was totally inappropriate for children, let alone my nine year old son.” She adds that from some of the conversation feed, such as the personal questions asked, she could tell that some of these “followers and friends” were older gamers trying to extort information from younger kids by masquerading as one of them.

In order to purchase the game, Tyler’s mother entered her credit card details. A few days after going through Tyler’s tablet, she noticed that $700…

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