Fabrication vs. Integrity (by Angel T.)

A Culture of Us

(Photo: Via The Greenville Post)

We live in an era where the facts find themselves shoved aside in favor of glamor. Truth is a rarity, viewed as optional or bothersome. In a profession that, in modern times, prioritizes questions of “How many people will read my work?” or “Will anyone notice if we tweak the details just a tiny bit?”, there is one crucial question at the heart of good journalism that should be asked more often—what does telling the truth mean?

Last week in Journalism class, I watched Shattered Glass, a movie about journalist Stephen Glass who fabricated all of his stories and got caught. Aside from demonstrating the stupidity in inventing stories and passing them off as legitimate, the movie highlighted important aspects of truth in the world of journalism.

The first aspect is recognizing that without truth, credibility is lost, and consequently, so is respect and trust…

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