Journalistic Integrity (by David R.)

| New Internationalist | by David Rausch |

In the film Shattered Glass ( a film about a young journalist named Stephen Glass fabricating his articles while working at the magazine The New Republican) , what stood out to me as the most damning mistake on part of the New Republican was the magazine’s total lack of concrete fact-checking into cases that were, shall we say, less-than-airtight. The magazine’s first editor in the film seemed to make little to no effort to verify the reportings of the young Stephen Glass up until the point where a mistake was made. The movie implies that this is because sed editor trusted Glass to tell the truth in his articles, even though he had no way of verifying Glass’ stories. This point helps us understand the most important aspect of reporting the truth as a journalist; the foundation for all writing must be undeniable proof.

Such proof comes in three main…

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