Senior Profiles: Qing Sheng, Joel Ronkko, and Sylvia Choi

Qing Sheng

qING sHENG1. What is your favorite memory of high school? All the times I spent with my friends are my best memories

2. What are your plans for next year? I will be studying business at the University of Berkeley in California

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I plan to be a business manager for a corporation

4. What will you miss about Kenya? I will miss the nice climate and all the people that I have met here as well as my friends

5. Who Inspires you? My Dad inspires me, because he is the reason I am in Kenya and going to Rosslyn Academy and I am grateful for many of the things he has done for me

Joel Ronkko

1. What is your favorite High School memory? It would have to be CFS, senior trip and all Joel Ronkkothe retreats those were really fun and just hanging with my friends

2.  What is your plan for next year? I plan to go to Finland for a little while and maybe work a little before I go to college

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself probably married with a kid or two

4. What will you miss about Kenya? I will miss my friends and just the people here, but I’m excited to see what happens in my future

5. Who inspires you? Kimi Raikkonen he is a Finish formula 1 driver and Jesus man!

Sylvia Choi

Sylvia Choi1. What is your favorite memory from/of Rosslyn? Hanging out with my friends.

2. What are your plans for next year? I’ll be studying architecture.

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I will either be living in Korea or the US.

4. What will you (would you) miss most about Kenya? Safari with my family, hanging out at Village Market all the time, church, hide and seek at Balozi, Italian ice cream, bowling, coco, mini golf, pool, movies, froyo, water slide, matatu tour, Mombasa, cooking, picnic at Evergreen, baking, Monopoly, scary movie with Hess, my house, playing piano, and nyama choma.

5. Who inspires you? Why? Andrew Godwin. He inspired me to look at life from different perspectives.


Senior Profiles: Dammy Johnson, Chan-Mee Cho, and Suhun Shin

Dammy Johnson

Dammy J1. What is your favorite memory from Rosslyn?  My favorite memory from Rosslyn will have to be Senior Trip.

2. What are your plans for next year? I plan to go to Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada to major in Psychology. I also hope to do some internships in clinics.

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I honestly have no idea but hopefully God will give me a place.

4. What will you miss most about Kenya? I’ll definitely miss my family and friends the most. I’ll also miss the environment and the weather a lot; I’ll really miss all the pleasant people here.

5. Who inspires you the most and why? My parents inspire me a lot. My mom is a very strong woman and is so reliable. She just loves everyone! My dad also has the same qualities; he loves talking to everybody.

Chan-Mee Cho

1. What is your favorite memory from Rosslyn? CFS!Chan-mee c

2. What are your plans for next year? I plan to go to Calvin College to major in elementary education and minor in art education.

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hm… I see myself teaching children in art and music activities.

4. What will you miss most about Kenya? I’ll miss my classmates, family, the weather, chappatis, Nakumatt, Artcaffe, fruits (especially the mangos!), and the beautiful night sky filled with stars.

5. Who inspires you the most and why? Hm… a lot of people. I get inspired by so many people. If anybody shows passion in what they love to do, whether it’s singing, dancing, solving math problems, or playing basketball, they just inspire me to work harder in what I love to do and to never give up. These kinds of people inspire me to keep my fire going and not to waste a minute of my life.

Suhun Shin

Suhun Shin1. What is your favorite memory of high school? My favorite memory would have to be Senior Trip, I really loved the beach and spending time with my friends

2. What are your plans for next year? My plans for next year are studying Art Therapy in the U.K.

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself coming back to Kenya, living here with my husband and maybe even have  a kid or two

4. what will you miss about Kenya? I will miss the nice warm weather and all my friends here, but I hope to come back soon after College

5. Who inspires you? Kazu Kabuishi, he is a Japanese artist, I really like his work and I admire him as an artist

Senior Profiles: Bethel Tafere and Clayton Kranik

Bethel Tafere

Bethel T1. What was your favorite memory of High School? It would have to be CFS, I had a lot of fun on that trip and it was a good time to get to know one another

2. What are your plans for next year? My plans for next year are studying business or law in the United Kingdom

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself as a successful attorney or business woman.

4. What will you miss most about Kenya? I will definitely miss all my friends I have made here and Rosslyn Academy.

5. Who Inspires You? Frida Kahlo, who was a famous Mexican artist, the famous writer George Orwell and Adolf Hitler

Clayton Kranik

1.  What is your favorite memory from Rosslyn? favorite memory from Rosslyn was on Clay Kraniksenior trip, on the last night when 8 of my friends got caught in our small room and we tried to hide under the blanket of 1 bed

2.  What are your plans for next year? I’m going to college at Evangel in Missouri

3.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years? no idea where I’m guna be in 10 years

4.  What will you miss most about Kenya?  I will miss my friends

5.  Who inspires you? Why? batman, cuz he’s batman


A Review of Far Cry 3

The latest gaming craze to hit the Junior class guys is Far Cry 3, with most of us downloading the game onto our various laptops or buying the game for our consoles.

far cry titleThe game is a regular first person shooter but what makes it different is its unique plot, action filled game play and large game setting. The game is also created by Ubisoft, who are well known for their graphics. The game looks amazing with its detailed surroundings and realistic-looking characters.

The plot follows a young Jason Brody, who is on vacation with his friends in Thailand. The group then decides to go sky diving around the Malay Archipelago. They then land on an island ruled by pirates and Jason and his friends are kidnapped by Vaas, the pirate king. Jason later breaks out of captivity and the game revolves around him rescuing his friends and eventually meeting Vaas’ boss Hoyt Volker, who is a slave trader.

The tropical climate, huge map, and the bonus of having two islands to play on makes the game very enjoyable. The setting features a broad range of unpredictable creatures and large rainforests filled with different types of plant life, which all adds to the realistic feel of the game. The game is also structured very well; it is very hard to get lost and the game play leads you straight to the next activity or mission which gives the player a series of enjoyable play sessions, rather than wasting time and getting frustrated because you’re “stuck” in particular place. The game also allows for free exploration in an open-world landscape which is filled with various challenges and activities to do which all adds to the game’s plot and keeps it interesting.

The game play involves an assortment of different missions, whether it be driving a truck through rough island terrain to collecting medicines or taking down enemies using nothing but stealth and a knife. The game provides hours of fun and adventurous quests. The side missions in the game can also be very entertaining with the game’s hunting and survival missions such as making wallets from animal hides or crafting potions and medicines. These all add to a different feel to the game and allow the player to wander off from the main plot.

What I really enjoyed about Far Cry 3 was the large open spaces as I enjoy games thatfar cry pic 2 take the time and effort to create a large map, which allows me to explore the area and supplies activities for me to do when I don’t feel like playing through the game’s story mode. I also enjoyed the realistic feel that the game brings, with its numerous vehicle and assorted weapon choices, which all allow a freedom in game play which kind of remind me of the Grand Theft Auto series.

The combined elements of an interesting plot with an alternative ending, the heavily detailed setting and entertaining cinematics, Far Cry 3 is one of the best games I have played this year and I heavily recommend it to all gamers. It also ticks all the boxes for a successful 1st person shooter, with the game providing freedom in attacking enemies, the ability to explore vast environments and a variety of weapons. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I suggest playing it during the summer on either your laptops or consoles because it’s one of the best games this year.

– Afraaz L

Advice for 8th Graders

Fidy F. said, “My advice would be to have fun, don’t be afraid to be active, and make the best of your time in high school.”

AdviceIf you’re going into high school, you may be very scared, excited, nervous, happy, sad, or a mixture of emotions. Going into high school is a big step, and many people may not feel ready for it. Here is some advice about going into high school.

Some of the seniors gave advice. Carter H.  said, “Cherish your time because it goes fast. Appreciate Rosslyn and Kenya for the things that you won’t get anywhere else. Take advantage of every opportunity you can!”

“I would say to never be afraid to try something new, and if you do try something new don’t be afraid to try something else. You never know what you’re going to be good at,” said Josh N.

Sybelle D. said, “High school is a stressful roller coaster. Things need to be turned in, and so forth. But I think one thing that people forget to do it to have fun. The moments spent in chapel, the conversations at break, and even the conversations you have with your teachers are all going to mean something more once you are about to graduate. Another piece of advice would be to get involved. Even if you’re not the lead in the play or the star of the soccer team, you are going to form a family with people who share your passion. It is fun, and you get to meet new people as well as grow within yourself. High school is all about growth. Challenge yourself through your school work as well as in your faith.”

Some of advice from the juniors is: “Don’t be worried about all the classrooms. When I first came into high school I thought I would be so confused with all the classrooms, but I figured it out after the first day. Be sure to enjoy your high school years,” from Claire K.

Silmi J. stated, “High School WILL seem intimidating at first, almost terrifying. But you got to realize that the seniors WILL NOT beat you up, the Juniors WILL NOT be your enemies and the Sophomores won’t ever mess anything up for you guys. Ms. Bressler won’t fail you, and Mr. Wolff won’t always give you a detention [every day]. High School isn’t scary; it’s just slightly intimidating. Be strong; freshies- confidence is key.”

Then, the sophomores gave advice for the incoming freshman.

Saher A. said, “Just work hard. Don’t think you’re too cool for work because that’ll bring your grades down, and you won’t be able to get them back up. Don’t mess up your school career. Don’t be stupid.”

“Just get to know people I guess. There are a lot of cool people at Rosslyn, and you can definitely find friends easily,” remarked Ethan P.

Sydney P. mentioned, “Don’t be too scared, because it’s really not such a huge step up. People like to scare them I guess, but they shouldn’t be too intimidated.”

Even though the recently got into high school, some of the freshman this year were able to give some advice to the class under them.

Mary M. said, “I would say that Rosslyn is a very welcoming type of community and they needn’t be shy around others.”

“I would probably say that high school isn’t too much harder than middle school, and they should interact with upperclassmen. High school is going to be a blast,” commented Daniel B.

Hannah T. said, “Don’t procrastinate, cliché, yes, but seriously!”

All in all, high school may not be as scary as you think it will be. These high school students’ advice are here to help you when you doubt that.

– Tia H

What are the Least Popular Classes? (And Why Should You Take Them?)

At some point in everyone’s high school career, we end up having to take at least one class that we don’t want to. However, these classes are some of the most important ones we take. They help us grow, and sometimes they can even reveal an unknown talent.

Small classListed below are the five least sought after classes to take at Rosslyn and why it would be good for someone to take them. Please note that these findings were based on course registration, not a survey. If you would like more information about one or more than one of these classes, the Coursebook can be found on the Rosslyn website and provides a detailed description of each class.

1.      Korean I

This is the introductory class for the Korean language. It is for non-native speakers. Students will learn about Korean history, how the language works, and how to speak it at a basic level. There are no prerequisites and it is one year long. This provides you with one elective credit.

Why take this class?

This would be an excellent class for you to take if you feel as though you should follow Rosslyn’s recommendation to take two years of a language credit. It’s fun and a different experience than the other language classes offered at Rosslyn. Also, it is very applicable to a school such as Rosslyn due to the large number of Korean students present.

2.      Literary Appreciation

This course helps one learn how to appreciate literature. This is accomplished through the reading of a variety of texts of different genres. However, the course is mainly focused on discussion. In order to take this class you have to be a junior or senior. It is one semester long and you earn a half of an elective credit.

Why take this class?

If you like to read and debate, this may be a class that you would find very enjoyable. It would be good for anyone to take because it looks at developing fundamental skills that are used in most classes, especially English classes.

3.      Asian Studies

In this course you study cultures from Asia. Some specific ideas that are covered in this course include studying current events, developmental trends, and modern Asian Literature. The only prerequisite for this class is that you have to be at least in 10thgrade. Because it is only a semester course, it gives you a half of a social science credit.

Why take this class?

If you want to do anything that concerns different cultures later on in life, this class would be useful to take. Also, it is important for all of us to know what is going on in the world. With Asia becoming more industrialized and advanced, it would be a good idea to know some general ideas about this region

4.      Stage Production

This class looks at the behind the scenes jobs of play productions. Students who join this class will be asked to choose a specialized area to focus on for their project or paper. This class will also work together to “mock”-produce a play. If you are interested in taking this class you either need to have taken Intro to Theatre or have the teacher’s approval. A half of a fine arts credit will be awarded upon the completion of this semester class.

Why take this class?

This class would be helpful for anyone who wants to help in a play or go into acting. Even if you just enjoy watching plays this might help you appreciate all of the hard, sometimes unrecognized, work that goes into it.

5.      Music Theory

This class studies music theory. It looks especially at writing fundamentals and harmony. This class is meant for a student who is more serious about music. There is not a concert performance requirement for this class. The prerequisites for this class express a need for the student to be in either 11th or 12th grade and to have be in a large ensemble or advanced piano studies. This course is one semester long and provides you with a half of a music/fine arts credit.

Why take this class?

Anyone who is seriously interested in music should consider this class. This class would be especially helpful if you are planning on majoring or minoring in music in university.

It’s never fun to have to take a class that you don’t think you’ll enjoy, but try to have a positive attitude about it, you never know what may come from taking it.

– Hannah B

A Quick Look at Ms. Jacque

There has never been a day that Ms. Jacque hasn’t been present at her office.

Migisha, JacquelineWe see her almost every day, running back and forth across campus making sure everything concerning high school students is running smoothly. We ask her multiple questions daily, but how much do we know about Ms. Jacque herself?

Ms. Jacque is originally from Western Kenya and only came to Nairobi for her tertiary education. Her first degree was in secretarial work, and she has also received a bachelor’s degree in business and office management. She did this while working at Rosslyn, and she’s been here for three years so far. Ms. Jacque is also working on her masters in project management, and has been a part-time student for quite a while.

Her favorite thing about working at Rosslyn is interacting with students and staff members from different cultures and backgrounds. Ms. Jacque’s favorite things to do on the weekend include listening to music and hanging out with her husband and son. Seriously- who would have even known Ms. Jackie was married and had a son?

There are so many people around us that we barely interact with, like our bus drivers and support staff.  This is a gentle reminder that everyone around us has their own stories and even if we might be busy with our own lives, we should take time to appreciate and be aware the little things that our support staff does for us. A simple “good morning” as we get on the bus or “thank you” when we reach our homes is basic etiquette.

I simply cannot wrap my mind around students riding the bus for the whole year and never exchanging words with our respective bus drivers.

– Norkor N

Senior Profiles: Stephen Remich and Andrey Shchukin

Stephen Remich

Stephen Remich1. What is your favorite memory from Rosslyn? I don’t have a single particular memory. There’s too many to recall a single one.

2.       What are your plans for next year? I am going to Azusa Pacific University to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinematic Arts.

3.       Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I hope to be where Steven Spielberg was at that age.

4.       What will you miss most about Kenya? There’s a lot of people here that I’ll miss a lot. I’ll definitely miss Ola chips, I’ll miss the Coffee and the Tea here as well.

5.       Who inspires you? Why? Steven Spielberg  inspires me because he is a revolutionary director and George Lucas revolutionized special effects. Carter Harrell inspires me because of his talent, and Jim Mixon inspires me for his determination.


Andrey Shchukin

1.       What is your favorite memory from Rosslyn? The Students For Safe Elections concert was a big one for me. When the idea was first concieved it was just a dream, and we weren’t sure it would ever materialize. Seeing it come together was just memorable.

Andrey S2.       What are your plans for next year? I’m going to be halfway done with my first year of Med School in Belgium, I hope I get to come back to Kenya for the holidays, and spend the winter holidays with my parents and sister.

3.       Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I imagine myself done with med school, doing my masters, and I hope to come back to Kenya and expand my parents’ private practice in Eldoret.

4.       What will you miss most about Kenya? My family and friends will be the hardest thing to leave behind here in Kenya.

5.       Who inspires you? Why? My parents inspire me. Coming out of a communist regime, coming to Africa and working hard to establish themselves here in Kenya, it has taught me a lot about the value of hard work.

Senior Profiles: Hessedie Ahn, Jean Ossey, and Musa Ali

Hessedie Ahn

Hessedie AhnWhat is your favorite memory of/from Rosslyn? Hanging out with friends, sleepovers, chilling at Village and playing pool would have to be my favorite memories.

What are your plans for next year? I plan on going to Korea for university and I want to do global studies and industrial design.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I honestly have no idea!

What will you miss the most about Kenya? I’m going to miss the African people for sure. When I got back to Korea it’s going to be all Asians. L

Who inspires you and why? John Yoon is actually my inspiration. I’m inspired by his passion for math in general, but specifically in AP Calculus!

Jean C Ossey

What is your favorite memory from Rosslyn? Senior Trip was a great experience, definitelyJean Ossey my favourite.

What are your plans for next year? I am going to Germany where I’m going to study music production and possibly aviation. I look forward to it.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself as a Dj at Tomorrowland, one of the largest electronic dance concerts on the planet, or generally something of that scale. I could see myself in the cockpit of an A380.      

What will you miss most about Kenya? Wow there’s so much that would not be easy to forget. The people here; the nightlife. There’s not many places like this in Africa. The general atmosphere here in Nairobi is something very unique.

Who inspires you? Why? My dad is very important to me. He has taught me so much about life, about everything.

Musa Ali

Musa AliWhat is your favorite memory from Rosslyn? Senior trip had some great moments, I loved the ocean, there were some particularly great moments there for us as well.

What are your plans for next year? I am planning on majoring in Psychology at either Wheaton or the American University.      

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I hope to be married to around seven wives like my Somali forefathers before me. I’ll pick and choose which children I want to provide for. Hopefully I’ll be on the track to becoming dictator of Somalia.

What will you miss most about Kenya? This bubble, this Rosslyn community, its something I’ll miss when I’m gone.      

Who inspires you? Why? Everyone inspires me. When you talk to people, learn about them, you’ll always find something special, something to inspire, in each of them.

Senior Profiles: Kelly Bradley, Javan Eberhard, and Kesha Gorajia

Kelly Bradley

Kelly Bradley1. What is your favorite memory from Rosslyn? I don’t think that I could choose just one memory. Some of my favorite memories are from all of the CFS trips that I got to go on.

2. What are your plans for next year? Next year, I will be attending Wheaton College near Chicago, Illinois. Right now I plan on studying nursing.

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In ten years, I would love to be a missionary somewhere overseas.

4. What will you miss most about Kenya? I will definitely miss my friends, but with regards to Kenya specifically, I will miss the people and the chai.

5. Who inspires you? Why? Amy Carmichael. She inspires me because of her incredible depth of faith and love of Jesus.

Javan Eberhard

1. What is your favorite memory of/from Rosslyn? I’d have to say 11th grade CFS in Javan EberhardSuswa.  We didn’t have water the entire week, the camp we were at was sort of sketchy/ghetto, but it was really fun.

2.  What are your plans for next year? I’m going to be attending Southwest Baptist University in Missouri and I want to study international affairs.

3.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself married, most likely living and working in the United States. By then I want to have my masters’ degree.

4.  What will you miss the most about Kenya? I’m going to miss the weather, my friends,  Kenyan people in general and the laisse faire attitude of this place

5.  Who inspires you and why?  Um, there isn’t really anyone that inspires me.

Kesha Gorajia

1. What is your favorite memory of/from Rosslyn? I’d have to go with Sadie’s Dance this year. I didn’t help plan it, but it was so much fun.

Kesha G2. What are your plans for next year? I’m going to Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. I’m undecided, but I know I want to do something in either graphic or fashion design.

3.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I’m not too sure at the moment, but I’d like to be back in Kenya and either owning my own gallery or starting a fashion line.

4. What will you miss the most about Kenya? I’m definitely going to miss the people, the sense of community here, Rosslyn itself and family, as well as friends.

5.  Who inspires you and why? My mom is one of my inspirations. She’s a really strong woman and I hope to be like her when I’m older. I’d also have to say Lora Zombie, that’s not her real last name, but yea! I love how she works really fast and her creations are really random but catch your eyes. She also has a really bubbly personality and I adore her child-like way of picturing things.